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Create custom tags! Any person. Any project. Any way you like. Create, Track, Connect.

As a research tool, CastingAbout helps you search and track hundreds of casting directors, their projects, office staff and social media accounts. With tags, you can now easily filter that master list down into any number of customized groups, allowing you to focus in on the people or projects that matter most to you.

  • Want to see the current projects of every CD who’s ever booked you? Done.
  • Need a reminder of who you should follow-up with? Easy.
  • Wish you could quickly gather all the names from your last mailing? Now you can.

Like your notes, tags are private: they are only visible from within your account.

Tags on CastingAbout

Tag a project or person

From the main listings page, click on a project or a person, then create and apply tags directly from that detail modal. Simply type the tag name to choose from the lists of tags already saved to your account. 

We’ve supplied three tags to get you started:

  • Booked Me
  • Follow Up
  • Target List

(Feel free to edit or delete these. They’re yours to use as you please.)

Choose tag, or create a new one

Create your own tags

Or, create a new tag and apply it by typing and hitting enter. New tags are immediately applied to whatever project or person you’re viewing, and are automatically saved to your account, ready for you to use again.

Easily view your tagged items

Back on the main listings page, any project or person with one or more tags will be indicated by an icon. Hover over the icon to see a list of attached tags.


Filter listings using your tags

To see a list of projects or people with a particular tag applied, simply select that option in the tags filter. The listings page will reload immediately, showing only those items with the selected tag attached.

Filter dropdown

Managing your tags

You can easily review, rename or delete any of your tags from the “My Tags” option, in your account menu.

The number after each tag name indicates how many total projects and people are using that tag. To review which items they are, simply click the tag name to return to the filtered listings.

Your Tags

Questions, comments?

We’d love to hear from you about how you like tags and the ways you’re using them. Contact us at 310-622-8346 or