2019 Web Site Update

Hey, Actors!

You might have noticed something new at CastingAbout lately. We recently relaunched the site with some new features, and hopefully we’ll have more features to come. We’re excited about the future of CastingAbout, and hope you find our changes helpful.

The Biggest Thing…
We needed to rebuild the decades-old code that runs CastingAbout, so even though what you’re seeing might not look all that different, everything has been rewritten. It was a big undertaking, and we’re tired. But, this newer foundation should allow us to finally get some new features in the works. Stay tuned for more announcements soon, we hope.

Also: Mobile Friendly
While we were rebuilding everything, we worked to make the new site mobile friendly. So go ahead, browse CastingAbout on your phone or other device. It should be a little easier on the eyes.

What’s New/Different
You’ll find a few minor changes in our main project grid. 

  • The filters are all on a row by themselves, rather than embedded inside the table. This should make it easier to slice up the list to just the things you need. You can more easily see all four filter options: Project Types, Statuses, View options (including the oft-overlooked “modified in the last week” filter), and Region.
  • Each project row is a little bit streamlined, with status moved underneath the project titles. 
  • If you have personal notes for a person or a project, there is now a small gold icon just after the name to let you know. Click the name or the icon to see your notes for that item.
  • Modals that popup with details about a Project or a Person are rearranged a little.

That’s it?
Yep, that’s all for now. Like we said, most of the heavy lifting was under the hood, so even if you don’t see it, you’re still getting the benefit of a more stable and modern site architecture.

Let us know if you have any comments, questions or issues at info@castingabout.com.